Andrzej DobruckiDistributed Agile Coach

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areas of expertise
  • Coaching Agile teams
  • Scrum and Kanban in tech and non-tech
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning
  • Helping teams build trust
  • Fostering team collaboration
  • Scrum Master & Agile Coach at Crossover
  • DevOps team leader in B/S/H Home Appliances Group
  • Project Management team leader in Samsung R&D

I’m an ardent evangelist of Transformational Management practices, self-organisation and Agile approach to life and work. I started out as a software developer but what excited me since early days was to delve deep into team dynamics, inspire and lead teams to achieve organisational goals while they remain happy and engaged.

I find meaning in helping teams organise, improve communication channels and collaborate in the most efficient way.

I’ve been always working on teams that were either partially or fully remote and that helped me identify both benefits and challenges of distributed work environments. I find meaning in helping teams organise, improve communication channels and collaborate in the most efficient way. This I believe can be achieved only through planning and implementing the right processes and behaviours that together work towards organisation’s shared purpose. I constantly strive to find new ways of improving performance through the use of authentic leadership, efficient communication and the right set of technologies as catalyst for teams to realise their potential.

I believe future of work is largely based on remote work in distributed teams. It undoubtedly brings a number of benefits to both organisations and individuals and is becoming increasingly competitive versus co-located model. However reality shows, it is often a huge challenge to reach great communication, productivity and engagement in a team that has little to none of precious face time. I’ve been successful bringing Agile to distributed teams to improve their performance and motivation. Now it’s time for me to inspire others to improve the way we work and help both organisations and individuals gain more trust in the distributed work model.

I’m an evangelist and a proud co-owner of Management 3.0 brand – a new approach to organisation management that promotes purpose, open communication and self-organisation as an alternative to rigid hierarchical models. These I believe will eventually become outdated in the face of complex knowledge work as performed by the now dominant Millennial generation and the new, upcoming generation Z.


Agile methodologies
Productive meetings
Organisation culture
Goalsetting and Goal Tracking with OKRs
Software Development Process
Management 3.0
Team organisation


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