Zuzanna PrzybyłaRemote Management Consultant

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areas of expertise
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Team & Personal productivity
  • Strategic Management
  • Tactical & Operational Planning
  • Effective Communication 
  • Global Management Consultant at Crossover
  • Master Data Manager at P&G
  • Project Manager at Lionbridge

I help companies, teams and individuals reach their goals with simple yet powerful methods. With over 7 years of professional experience with both small companies and multinational corporations I have learned to effectively work with all levels of management to drive positive and long-lasting change, reflected in business results. I love discovering real reasons of problems to fix the root causes instead the symptoms. My great passion for people and improving team dynamics have greatly helped me along the way.

I believe that the best strategy to reach great business results is finding the right ratio between data-driven goal orientation and modern people management while fostering personal growth and servant leadership. My mission is to help organisations be the transformation they want to see.

I believe in harmonious work-life integration rather than rigidity of work-life balance. I’ve learned to think that working in distributed teams is an outstanding way to achieve this kind of harmony. I consider remote work to be one of the most important trends on the labour market, which becomes even more crucial with millennials starting to dominate the workforce. My experience shows how properly run distributed teams can do miracles and be on pair if not excel the co-located teams we’re all used to.

As a Global Management Consultant I’ve helped dozens of managers and CxO level executives drive continuous productivity gains in a variety of tech and non-tech teams. I was able to achieve that through implementing proven best practices, running experiments and automations as well as help empowering people to drive change. 


Process improvement
Process optimisation
Cost reduction
Process mapping
E2E Delivery
Metrics & KPI
Performance Tracking
Process automation


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By inspecting and interviewing, Zuzanna has helped multiple teams discover the bottlenecks, or what held us back from achieving great productivity. Thanks to her insights we were able to improve the processes and reach our goals.

David Alamango
VP of Software Engineering, Aurea

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