Efficient virtual meetings

Efficient virtual meetings

Course description

This training course is aimed at teams and groups who hold virtual meetings together on a regular basis and can directly influence the way these meetings are being run.  

The training program is focused on practical tips for leading efficient virtual meetings (or participating in them) which can improve the efficiency of these meetings, and by that – also the overall satisfaction of the meeting participants.

The training course is led fully remotely by a professional training consultants, using interactive and engaging methods and exercises which enable experience- based, group learning process.

Duration: 1-2 training days (4.5h each)
Training objectives: Learning practical solutions for leading efficient virtual meetings & developing a set of rules and best practices in a form of a meeting contract.

The training program

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  • Defining the roles, meeting contract 
  • The Golden Rules Of Efficient Virtual Meetings – presentation
  • Group work: what are the participants’ main pain points when it comes to the virtual meetings?
  • How to take outstanding meeting notes – exampes & template
  • Group exercises for efficient interpersonal communication
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion around strengths & weaknesses of the communication between the participants during their own virtual meetings.
  • Paraphrasing.
  • Leading a discussion.
  • Summarizing.
  • Effective decision making.
  • Giving meaningful updates.
  • The participants co-create their own meeting contract, based on the knowledge & skills gained during the training. 

The course is led fully remotely, using modern tools & technologies that support an efficient learning process and constant collaboration between the training participants. The program is divided into short modules which enable running it with participants spread over multiple timezones. 

The training consultants, leading this course:

Reach out to us to receive a full proposal

Reach out to us to receive a full proposal