How we work

How we work

No matter the type of project that we take up (training, facilitation, consulting) we always stick to our process framework, thanks to which we are able to deliver the highest quality of service.

We analyze your needs

Each project begins with by fully assessing your needs. What kind of needs are they? Whose needs are they? How can the client recognize that their needs are met? Understanding your priorities and gaining a deep understanding of issues and challenges is key to the success of any project. Sometimes it happens that the Client is not sure about their needs, just feels that something in their org needs improvement. That’s okay! We can help in the process to properly recognize and name any challenge.

Sometimes it might happen that Client’s needs exceed our competencies or knowledge. We do not commit to any projects that we don’t think are feasible.

We set goals

Once those needs are defined, it’s then time to translate them into clear and measurable goals. To set these goals, our consultants work together with the client to find answers to the following questions:

How will the client measure success?
What should be the actual outcome of our work?
What are the benefits and outcomes to your employees and organization?

We select tools and methods

Depending on the client and their individual needs (industry, size, growth stage), similar goals may actually require different tooling or methods to deliver them. We always guarantee flexibility in order to deliver the highest possible value, using a tailored approach to each client and their needs.

We review the results

Our goal is to deliver outstanding value (defined by the project goals) to our clients, and above all, to people. We always commit to delivering whatever we promise. After the implementation phase, we always check in and review to which extent the goals defined in the beginning were actually achieved. We present the results to the client and discuss them in a project closure meeting, seek feedback and define any potential next steps.

What makes us unique?


We’re experienced

Thanks to years of experience in the professional training & coaching industry, the IT world as well as direct contact with distributed teams, we understand the needs and unique characteristics of our clients particularly well.


Result is what counts

We always make sure that everything we do has measurable results, leading to long-lasting changes.


We offer extensive approach

Since we understand the complexity of modern business, to deliver real results, we often approach problems from multiple perspectives by using varying methods and technologies.